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The theories in this book are also based on hundreds of ancient writings including: the Bible, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Mayan Popol Vuh, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Epic of Etana, the Lost Book of Enki, the ancient Sumerian tablets, and many other ancient writings…

Theory: Ancient aliens left miles-high towers on the Moon

The ancient, miles-high “Crisium Spire” on the Moon
(From official NASA Apollo print AS16-121-19438)19

Soviet archive picture of the 20 mile-high ancient “Zond 3 Tower” on the Moon

NASA archive picture of a 3 mile high X-Aerogel dome on the Moon [From official NASA publication, “Exploring space with a Camera” (NASA SP-168, 1968) 19

The 9 mile-high Triesnecker “Castle” on the Moon.

(I think there are actually about 5 separate towers)
(Apollo 10 frame AS-10-32-4822) 19

An enormous ancient metallic structure on the Moon
(Apollo 10 frame AS-10-32-4822) 19

The 1.5 mile-high “Shard” and
the 7 mile-high “Tower” on the Moon
(Lunar Orbiter frame LO-III-84M) 19

The 1.5 mile-high “Shard” on the Moon
(Lunar Orbiter frame LO-III-84M) 19

NASA archive video frame of giant X-Aerogel structure on the Moon from Apollo 10 “Earthrise” film 19

Ancient X-Aerogel towers on the Moon photographed by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in the Marius crater in Oceanus Procellarum.

Apollo 15 frame AS15-P-9625 showing a 3-mile long depolymerized X-Aerogel spaceship lying in a crater on the Moon

Towers on the moon that NASA has airbrushed out of its pictures

Miles-high tower on the Moon photographed by Apollo 8

A tower on the Moon found on Google Moon

These are authentic pictures from the NASA and Soviet archives. They are real. The NASA administrators tried to hide these pictures from humanity, but a group of rebels within NASA leaked them to Richard C. Hoagland, a NASA insider. In fact NASA stole 698 out of 700 boxes of Apollo 11 magnetic tapes to hide these ancient extra-terrestrial miles-high lunar towers from humanity. 19 This destruction of evidence was done in obedience to the Brookings Report [aka The Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs], which was appointed by NASA and created by the Brookings Institution; it was presented to the House of Representatives in the 87th United States Congress on April 18, 1961. 19 The Brookings report basically stated that if NASA found ancient extra-terrestrial structures on the Moon, Mars, or anywhere else in the solar system, the government should conceal it from the people to avoid mass hysteria. 19 What did the unmanned Apollo lunar probes video tape on the Moon in the 60s and 70s that was so shocking that it drove NASA to steal 698 boxes of magnetic tapes? According to Richard Hoagland these unmanned Apollo lunar probes videotaped and photographed ancient extra-terrestrial ruins on the Moon. Hoagland also claims that JFK was aware of these ancient extra-terrestrial ruins on the Moon and he wanted to go to the Moon as part of a joint mission with the Russians and he wanted to reveal to humanity the ancient extra-terrestrial ruins on the Moon.19 Ten days after JFK gave a speech at the U.N. announcing his intentions to go to the Moon as part of a joint mission with the Russians he was shot. This allowed NASA to go to Moon alone and hide from humanity the ancient extra-terrestrial ruins on the Moon.

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Theory: The Sapphire Stone was an ancient computer

According to the Jewish Tales of the Ancient Times, one Anunnaki man called Raziel gave Adam [Adapa] a book known as the sapphire stone. “And at the hour that Adam received the book, a fire went up upon the bank of the river, and the angel rose in the flames up to heaven. Then Adam knew that the messenger was an angel of God, and that the book was sent him from the holy King. And he preserved it in holiness and purity…. In the book were engraved the higher signs of holy wisdom, and two-and-seventy kinds of knowledge were contained therein, which were divided into 670 signs of the highest mysteries. Also 1,500 keys, such as are not entrusted to the holy ones of the higher world, were concealed within the book.”12 According to the ancient Jewish tales, this stone book gave Adam the ability to name every object and animal. Another Anunnaki man, Raphael, took the book from Adam and was forced to give it back to him. Adam imparted the book to his son Seth and gave him instructions for operating it, and for ‘conversing with the book’. Seth built “…a golden chest, placed the book therein and hid the chest in a cave in the town of Enoch”. Enoch discovered the golden chest and the sapphire stone within it. After studying from the sapphire stone, Enoch “…knew now all the ways of the seasons, of the planets, of the lights which each month fulfill their services; also he knew the name of each cycle and orbit, and knew the angels who steer their courses.” With the assistance of the Anunnaki man Raphael, the sapphire stone reached the hands of Noah and Noah learnt to comprehend, with its help, all the paths of the planets, also ‘the paths of Aldebaran, Orion, Sirius’. He also learnt from it “… the names of all the different spheres of heaven … and the names of the heavenly servants’. After Noah emerged from the ark, the book traveled with him all the days of his life. According to the Jewish Tales of the Ancient Times, the sapphire stone was handed down to Abraham, to Moses, and ‘from generation to generation was it passed down unto King Solomon’. The sapphire stone ultimately reached the hands of Alexander the Great. I believe that the sapphire stone, the “Stone of Adam” was an X-Aerogel tablet with an LED active-matrix display, a speaker, a microphone, and a microprocessor. This sapphire stone allowed the Anunnaki to teach Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others great knowledge. I believe that the golden chest that Adam’s son Seth constructed for the sapphire stone was the Ark of the Covenant and I believe that the sapphire stone was passed down through the generations in the Ark of the Covenant.

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Theory: Mars was inhabited in the ancient past

The Face on Mars

Geometric lines on Mars

Ancient pyramid near the Face on Mars (i.e. the D&M Pyramid) from Viking frame 35A72

“The Glass Tunnels of Barsoom” on Mars from NASA/MSSS image M04-00291

A mirror-image of the western half of the Face on Mars
Gaze into the eyes of Alalu…
Mars Global Surveyor image E03-00824

Ancient pyramid on Mars [Source: NASA archive]

Ancient pyramid on Mars [Source: NASA archive]

Ancient pyramids on Mars (the big ones are each two miles across and half a mile high!) It has been calculated that the volume of the largest pyramid is 1,000 times than that of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and that it is 10 times as high! (Source: NASA archive)

Ancient Anunnaki structure on Mars (Source: NASA archive)

Infra-red NASA image of an ancient city near the Face on Mars that’s buried under the sand.

An artificial dome in a Martian crater (Source: NASA archive)

A humanoid skull on Mars (Source: NASA archive)

An ancient flying machine on Mars photographed by Mars Spirit Rover

Giant monolith on Mars photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

A metallic object on Mars photographed by the Mars rover Spirit [Image Sol 1402]
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